The grass is always greener with Delta

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Delta Quick Cart

Delta has been developing shopping cart websites for over a decade. We started using other pre built systems, and decided none of the existing solutions worked very well for many of our clients.

Quick Cart was Born!!!

Our development team decided to create a base system that was made to roll out completely customized e-commerce websites quickly and easily. The Quick Cart is NOT an 'off the shelf' shopping system. It is more of a collection of components that can be seamlessly stiched together to facilitate ANY TYPE OF SHOPPING WEBSITE in a cost effective and timley manner.

With Quick Cart you get:

  • Completely customizable user inteface
  • Easy to use - non technical management tools
  • Payment gateway integration with all major mechant accounts.
  • Events, products or services can be integrated easily.
  • Simple, secure checkout system

Check out some Quick Cart Screen Shots:

Contact our Sales associates today for a demo or a quote at 604-304-0020